19 February 2021
Presentation of my photographic work at ARTWORKS

11 January 2020
Presentation of my photographic work at the small theater of Stegi Kavalas, Kyprou 16, Kavala, Greece



‘Bait for Dragons’, part of the work ‘Profanation Exercises’, featured in Phases Magazine.

22 March 2021


21 γυναίκες φωτογράφοι, στέκονται απέναντι στη βία, στον σεξισμό, στον συντηρητισμό και στην ανισότητα δημιουργώντας την πρωτοβουλία “WeChangeThePicture”, ως μια κίνηση εκδήλωσης συμπαράστασης και υποστήριξης προς όλες τις γυναίκες.

21 γυναίκες φωτογράφοι παραχωρούμε, η καθεμία, από ένα φωτογραφικό μας έργο, το οποίο θα διατεθεί σε 21 αριθμημένα και υπογεγραμμένα αντίτυπα, με σκοπό να συνδράμουμε στο έργο του Διοτίμα - Κέντρο Γυναικείων Μελετών και Ερευνών / CRWI Diotima, που παρέχει νομική και ψυχολογική στήριξη στις γυναίκες που βρίσκουν το θάρρος να μιλήσουν.

Η εικόνα πρέπει ν΄ αλλάξει! Ας προσπαθήσουμε να την αλλάξουμε όλοι μαζί.

Συμμετέχουν: Αθανασία Παπαδοπούλου | Αλεξάνδρα Ρίμπα | Αλεξία Πρασσά |  Αρέτα Περιστέρι | Άρτεμις Πυρπίλη | Έλενα Ντι γκιόσια | Ελένη Παπαϊωάννου | Καλλιόπη Πασσιά | Κάρμεν Πολυδώρου | Κορνηλία Σιδηρά | Λία Ναλμπαντίδου | Λίλη Ζουμπούλη | Μαγδαληνή Μπαρδάκα | Μαγδαληνή Κούρτη | Μαρία Καρκανάκη | Μαρία Χουλάκη | Όλγα Δέϊκου | Σοφία Τολίκα | Στεφανία Ορφανίδου | Τάνια Καμίδου | Χλόη Πίσσα

As 21 female photographers, we stand against violence, sexism, conservatism and inequality. We created the initiative “WeChangeThePicture” to show our support towards all women.With this action we are trying to stand next to all women who have been victims of verbal, physical and sexual violence within their family or work environment. 

Read more and support by donating here:

22 February 2021


Presentation of my photographic work at ARTWORKS

19 February 2021


Today, featured in Lifo printed magazine, issue 670, amongst 10 greek artists!
Check also the online publication that includes also a small interview.

28 January 2021


Today, featured in the blog of DirtyHarry, with the photograph ‘Aptera’.

15 December 2020



The project ‘Unseen’ (Afaneis) is featured in the Kunst (Art) section of the Exantas Magazineissue 30, published in Berlin in December 2019. 

Exantas is a Greek-German magazine, that focuses on political, social, historical and cultural issues.

‘Unseen’ (Αφανείς) is composed by a text and a series of images referring to the spatial and social segregation in the city of Berlin, the endless process of (re)integration, the social discriminations, the search of an identity, the displacement of the unseen of the city.

Many thanks to the redactor Georgios Laios for his invitation.

7 August 2020


Really happy to be selected at the 3rd SNF fellowship program by ARTWORKS for the year 2020-2021 !

8 July 2020



The physical copy of the book ‘Extinction: The world without us’ finally arrived from Italy to Athens. Really happy to see part of ‘Cache’ featured in it, amongst other 29 selected photographic works.

The book was published by Urbanautica Institute, based in Italy.

30 June 2020


‘Hera’ is part of the-chain of photographs and texts exposed since yesterday at the website KanenasMonos (Nobody alone).

‘Hera’ describes the end of an era, the end of a feast.

Thank you Lifo for your publication.

12 May 2020


11 May - 18 May 2020
Online photography exhibition at the platform of the campaign ‘Covid19:Kanenasmonos’ (Nobody alone). 

Curation by Yorgos Karailias and Yannis Karpouzis.

More info in greek here.

9 May 2020

Extinction Catalogue

Urbanautica has launched the book “Extinction: The world without us”, featuring 30 photographers. I am very honored to be part of this edition with my work “Cache”.

You can order a copy at the price of 25 euro + shipping cost.

13 February 2020


I thank deeply all those who came to Stegi Kavalas the night of the 11th January. It was a really moving and beautiful night. Special thanks to FOK - the Photographic Club of Kavala for its invitation and to Stegi (Στέγη Φίλων Γραμμάτων και Τεχνών) for its hospitality.

18 January 2020


I am so happy and honored to present my photographic work at my hometown Kavala, invited by the Photographic group of Kavala! The presentation will take place at the small theater of Stegi, st. Kyprou 16, 65403, at 20:00. Do come!

Link of the event on fb:

6 January 2020

The Pikap Community

Today part of my project ‘Cold Turkey’ is featured in The Pikap Community, that embraces artists that have a connection with the city of Thessaloniki. 

14 December 2019

‘Cache’ on Urbanautica book

My project Cache’ will be part of the next book ‘Extinction’ that will be published by Urbanautica! Stay tuned!

You can also have a look at an -earlier this year- interview in Urbanautica by Georges Salameh.

5 December 2019

The Greek Foundation

Today, ‘Pendulum’ photobook on The Greek Foundation!

12 November 2019

Pellicola Magazine

Today, a really nice article on my work ‘Pendulum’, by Costanza Francesconi!

30 October 2019

Urbanautica open call Extinction

Some great news!

My ongoing project ‘Cache’ has been shortlisted at the Urbanautica open call ‘EXTINCTION: The world without us’, with 29 more photographers!

You can have a look at the project ‘Cache’ here:

and at the first online urbanautica book series here:

28 October 2019

Pendulum’ presentation at the bookstore Polarville

Two weeks have past since my last visit in the city of L'Aquila in central Italy. I would like to thank warmly the bookstore Polarville L'Aquila for its hospitality and to Luna Stefani, VIVIAMOLAq and Michele Valente for the impeccable technical support. The mini exhibition and presentation of 'Pendulum' book, back at the heart of this project, has been a really moving experience for me. Special thanks to my dear friend Alessandro Chiappanuvoli for his short introduction and the discussion that followed afterwards and to all of my friends and those who were present.

'Pendulum' book is still available at the bookstore. For those in L'Aquila or close there, pass by to have a look at it!

14 October 2019

Pendulum at Polarville L’Aquila!

Documentation from the mini exhibition of the project ‘Pendulum’, just before the presentation of the book on the 26th of September!

September 2019


It is with great pleasure to inform you that ‘Pendulum’ book will be presented at the bookstore Polarville based in L’Aquila, the 26th of September at 18:30! If you are in Italy, come!

Press: News-Town, Radio L’Aquila1, Il Centro, Virtuquotidiane

September 2019

Athens Art Book Fair 2019

‘Pendulum’ goes to Athens Art Book Fair with dear Zoetrope
amongst more self-published books, by Yannis Hadjiaslanis, Alexis Vasilikos, Yorgos Yatromanolakis, Alexandra Saliba, Michael Almiroudis and Ilias Lois.

7-8th September, 12:00-21:00
Stoa Kairi 6, Monastiraki
Athens, Greece

September 2019

It’s Nice That

“Pendulum” is featured in a beautiful article, on It’s Nice That Magazine, by Rebecca Irvin. 

August 2019

C41 Magazine

“Pendulum” is featured in C41 Magazine -  issue 8 “Memory”, a Milan-based magazine of contemporary visual art from all over the world.  

Daniel Everett, Studio Formafantasma, Daniel Eatock, Max Siedentopf, Fausta
Bolettieri & Gianlorenzo Bolettieri, Leandro Erlich, Alecio Ferrari, Carlo Banfi, Andrea Chronopoulos, Greg White, Filippo Telaro, Ryan Duffin, Yuki Kappes, Laura Thompson, Stefania Orfanidou, Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Alberto Guerrini, Parker Day.

July 2019


“Pendulum” on GUP Magazine, Amsterdam, with a short intro by the editor!

July 2019


“Pendulum” will travel to Sikinos at the old school of Kastro village for a short exhibition,as part of the recent exhibition of Plateau034 - An exploration of greek self-published books, organized by the Athens Zine Biblioteque and Zoetrope!

Dates: 31.07.2019-01.08.2019
Place: Sikinos, Cyclades, Greece

July 2019

C41 Magazine - Issue 8 Memory

Some great news! “Pendulum” is featured in the magazine C41 on their 8th Issue - Memory! You can pre-order and have a copy here:

Official launch on the 15th of July!

July 2019

Plateau 034 / Meet the self-publishers

An open discussion with the self-publishers about their books, at the closing of the exhibition Plateau 034. This Sunday 30/06 at 19:30. Join us for chat and wine!

A discussion with Kostas Kostopoulos and Evangelia Biza on the book making practices in self-publishing modes.

This Thursday 27/06 at 19:30, at Zoetrope, Kimolou 17 Kypseli, 11362 Athens.

June 2019

PHROOM Magazine

Pendulum on Phroom, Italy!

June 2019

Documentation from the opening at Zoetrope, Athens.

Plateau 034 / An exploration of Greek self-published photobooks

Pendulum book will be exhibited amongst others at Zoetrope/Athens!

Duration: 19/6/2019 - 30/6/2019

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 – 19:00, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

Opening: 19/6/2019, at 19:00

Curators: Evangelia Biza, Yiannis Hadjiaslanis, Kostas Kostopoulos, Georges Salameh, Alexandra Saliba, Alexander Strecker, Yorgos Yatromanolakis.

With the participation of The Athens Zine Bibliotheque

Athens Photo Festival 2019 Satellite Programme

June 2019


A really nice discussion with Ioannis Kontos for Poli-K!

June 2019

Athens Photo Festival 2019

Pendulum at the Photobook exhibition of Athens Photo Festival!
Don’t miss the chance to have a look at it!

Duration: 13.06.19 - 28.07.19
at the Benaki Museum, Pireos 13, Athens, Greece

June 2019

Kiosk of democracy

Pendulum on Kiosk of democracy!

June 2019

Urbanautica - Interview

A really fruitful talk with Georges Salameh, about my older and recent projects, including my recently self-published work “Pendulum”.

May 2019

credits: Antonis Theodoridis

credits: Michaels Almyroudis

Pendulum - Book presentation - Grace/Athens

Thank you all for coming at the first presentation of Pendulum book in Athens. It was a great evening!

Special thanks to Yorgos Karailias for his speach and his approach on trauma, memory and pendulum.

Many thanks to Michael Almyroudis and Antonis Theodoridis for the photographs, to Grace for his hospitality in such a beautiful space and to all the people that helped me in the realization of this event in their own way.

May 2019

Then there was us

“Pendulum” featured in “Then there was us”, in Manchester!

3 May 2019

Pendulum - Book presentation

It is a great pleasure to announce you that the 9th of May 2019 the first presentation of my recently self-published book "Pendulum" will take place at Grace, str. Filadefias 2 & Liosion, in Athens. You are all welcome!!

April 2019

Young Greek Photographers: 2010 - 2018

MOMus – Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki
in collaboration with Athens Photo Festival

duration: 18 April 2019 - 25 September 2019

visiting hours
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday: 11:00–19:00
Friday: 11:00–22:00

April 2019

Personal Narratives - Stereosis

Today, at my old School of Photography, Stereosis, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Come!!

19 April 2019

Young Greek Photographers

Opening of the group exhibition “Young Greek Photographers” at MoMus Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki, on Thursday 18 April at 20:00. I will participate with the project “Pendulum”. It will be a pleasure to see you there!

April 2019

Personal Narratives

On Friday 19 April, I will present at Personal Narratives Vol.XXXV for the first time part of my work at my old School of Photography, Stereosis, in Thessaloniki, Greece. You are all welcome!

April 2019

Pendulum Book

“Pendulum” book is finally ready! It was self-published in limited copies! Very soon a presentation will take place in Athens, Greece. Stay tuned!

March 2019

Pendulum Book

I am excited to announce that after a long journey my book “Pendulum” has been printed and is on its way to be launched, very soon! 

This project is an attempt to capture the traces that were left behind by the devastating earthquake of 2009 in the city of L'Aquila in central Italy, as well as a personal quest to find part of my own roots there.

February 2019

Straight Cut

Part of "Cache" featured in the collective book "Straight Cut"
created in Kavala in June 2018 in collaboration with @photo_void @bbbbooks_klara_k @thobiasfaldt and @lucyartresidency

January 2019

Phases Magazine

Today 06/01/219, first publication of my work in progress Cache, 
together with the work of Simon Lehner and Mari Masouridou.

January 2019

30 Under 30 Women Photographers 2018

opening at Maison de la Photographie at Lille, France
exhibition duration: December 13, 2018 – January 6, 2019

December 2018

Participation at the group exhibition 30 UNDER 30 WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS / 2018 organized by ARTPIL + MAISON PHOTO!

Galerie Claude Samuel / Viaduc des Arts 69 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France
Exhibition dates: November 8 – December 2, 2018

Maison de la Photographie Lille28 Rue Pierre Legrand, 59800 Lille, France
Exhibition dates: December 13, 2018 – January 6, 2019

September 2018

Bookbinding in progress.

First debut of ‘Cache’ at the collective book ‘Straight Cut’ 
created at the context of Lucy Art Residency Workshop 2018 in Kavala, Greece.

In collaboration with Thobias Fäldt, Klara Källström, Ask Fäldt - Källström,  VOID and all the photographers - participants.

June 2018

“Pendulum” featured in the exhibition “Critical Archives III: Identities”
organized by Medphoto Festival 2017-2018 at Rethymno, Crete.

March 2018

Participation at the screening of Circulation(s) Festival at Paris, France
in collaboration with Athens Photo Festival.

27 March - 6 May
Centquatre Paris, 5 rue Curial 75019, Paris, France

March 2018

“Cold Turkey” at Camera Infinita for a two-week online exhibition.

March 2018


the first personal album by Giorgos Varoutas

6 panel digipack, released by ReR Megacorp

Artwork design by Vicky Aggelopoulou

Sculpture photography by Stefania Orfanidou

February 2018

excerpt from an interview at taken by Kelly Andreadis.

February 2018

“Cold Turkey” featured in the exhibition “Crete: Stories from the Edge”
organized by Medphoto Festival 2017-2018

11 November - 10 December
Herakleio, Crete, Greece

February 2018

“Jaguar Sun” featured in Camera Infinita Magazine #6

January 2018

Critical Archives III: Identities
Medphoto Festival

21.12.2017 - 10.03.2018
Museum of Contemporary Art, Rethymno, Crete

opening at 13.01.2017 at 20:00!

January 2018

selected at
30 Under 30 Women Photographers / 2018

organized by Artpil and Photo Boite

January 2018

from the series “Pendulum”
participating in the group exhibition Critical Archives III: Identities 
organized by Medphoto Festival

21 December - 10 March 2018
Rethymno, Crete, Greece 

December 2017

from the series Cold Turkey, available at CAN gallery

December 2017

Installation view of the group exhibition “The Sense of an Ending” 
exposed between 3 - 18 November at CAN gallery, Athens, Greece

November 2017

The group exhibition “The Sense of an Ending” has been prolonged till 18 November!
CAN gallery, Athens, Greece

November 2017

first dummy of “Cold Turkey” at the group exhibition  “The Sense of an Ending”!
CAN gallery, Athens, Greece

November 2017

Opening of the group exhibition “Crete: Stories from the edge”
organized by Medphoto Festival: The Faces and the Territory!

11 November - 10 December
Herakleio, Crete, Greece

November 2017

Opening of the collective exhibition, “Alcanzar la Cima”
organized by Begira Photo!

31 October - 18 November
Carpa de Askondo, Iuretta (Bizkaia), Spain

October 2017

3 November - 10 November
The Sense of an Ending, Group Exhibition,
CAN Gallery, Athens, Greece

October 2017

“Inert Substance”
Still Searching - Main Program
Athens Photo Festival 2017
Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

June - July 2017

Young Greek Photographers 
Athens Photo Festival 2017
Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

June - July 2017

“Unseen” project self-published in six copies!

June 2017

Still Searching - Main Exhibition, Athens Photo Festival 2017

June 2017

Something Prominent, Stereosis Screening
in the context of Medphoto Festival

June - September 2016

“Jaguar Sun”
Photobook Exhibition
Athens Photo Festival 2016
Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

June - July 2016

installation view of “Jaguar Sun” exhibition
at Polarville, L’Aquila, Italy

May 2016

first solo exhibition, L’Aquila, Italy

May 2016
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